Monday, 9 March 2020

SynapseIndia Holi 2020 Festival-Dipped in Hues of Color and Togetherness Body

SynapseIndia Holi Celebration 2020

Holi, the festival of colors, is one of the much-awaited celebrations of the year in India. People of all communities and sections come together to celebrate the joyous event welcome the feeling of togetherness and commencement of the spring season.

SynapseIndia organized and celebrated the cheerful occasion of Holi 2020 at its Noida office, with full bloom. Special arrangements were made to celebrate the affair with multiple powdered colors (Gulal). Every single member of the company participated in the event and applied the favored choice of dry color on each other. Everybody was involved in the true spirit of festivity while wishing Happy Holi to everyone and taking so many pictures together. Additionally, all the members of the company were happy to find the natural and herbal quality of colors being applied on the skin with no skin-effect at all.

Friday, 25 October 2019

Diwali 2019 Celebration of SynapseIndia at Noida Premises


SynapseIndia, celebrated Diwali 2019 at it's Noida premises. It is one of the best celebrations an employee can ask for. The event was so successful from the point of view of employee engagement, foods, gifts, competitions and lots more. The company get started decking up two days prior to the main event to be taken place. The final day of the event was really so special because of many things.

If we start from the morning, employees have been served with tasty breakfast. Then the who HR team prepared Rangoli in all the floors. These Rangolis are not only beautiful bit also very apt according to the occasion. The final or the main event started around 4.30 in the evening. All employees gather in one particular place. The very first game was “Reverse Musical Chair”. All enthusiast boys participated and it was a great fun to watch other employees cheering for the participants.

Then employees played Idioms and finally Rangoli Competition became the main highlight of the evening. Winners were distributed prizes and finally it was a call off for the day. Another most interesting attraction was lunch on that particular day. So, we can call it a gala affair and the Diwali Celebration became more successful when many of the employees showcases their traditional attires. They all were looking lovely in ethnic.

Diwali 2019 is one of the most cherished evenings of 2019.

Friday, 10 May 2019

Mother's Day 2019 – SynapseIndia Honors Working Mothers

SynapseIndia Celebrations - Mother's Day 2019 Celebrations

SynapseIndia always acknowledges the important role of working mothers in achieving organizational goals. Mother's Day is a significant event for the company which is celebrated every year to honor motherhood and women empowerment.

The whole SynapseIndia family celebrated Mother's Day 2019 with high spirits and merriment. Each and every mother working in the company was praised for the great role that she is playing at the workplace and home. They were encouraged to share their motherhood experiences and how they overcome challenges to rise in career.

The event was full of fun activities, indoor games and delicious snacks. Female employees wholeheartedly participated in all activities and enjoyed Mother's Day in a memorable manner. Mother's Day cake was cut and surprise gifts were given to all working mothers.

Women employees are an integral part of SynapseIndia. The company is known for providing a safe working environment to its women employees. The company adopts policies which allow working mothers to seamlessly maintain work-family balance.

SynapseIndia gives all female employees the support they need, i.e. medical insurance, day shifts, maternity leaves, growth opportunities, etc.

Are you looking for a mom-friendly IT company? Join SynapseIndia! We have exciting job opportunities for you.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

SynapseIndia Foundation Day 2019 – Happiness, Excitement & Team spirit

SynapseIndia employees eagerly wait for their annual retreat the -- Foundation Day event. It's a festival of luxury, retreat and moments of joy for every employee. Every year, the management of the company selects a unique venue for the corporate event. Special attention is given to the luxury amenities and ambiance of the property. Extensive arrangements are being made for the 19th Foundation Day.

Extensive arrangements for foods, fun, and retreat were made. All employees enjoyed the taste of popular Indian and continental cuisines cooked by the chef of a 5-star hotel. The evening became colorful and diverse with a series of special announcements, awards and on-stage performances by employees. Standup comedy, solo song, and group dance were some of the major attractions of the evening.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

SynapseIndia Foundation Day 2019 creates festivity & motivation

SynapseIndia Foundation Day 2019

Software companies like SynapseIndia give immense importance to periodic celebration and festivity. Foundation Day celebration is a great opportunity for SynapseIndia employees to embrace joy and festivity with open arms. The 19th edition of the grand corporate event was held a 5-star hotel away from the daily hustle and bustle of a usual weekday. It has been a tradition at the company to celebrate its anniversary in the grandest way possible, this year was no exception.

The extensive event kicked off with various outdoor activities and fun games. Games like cricket, basketball, volleyball created a sports tournament-like environment. Other recreational activities like on-spot tattoo making, talking to an astrologer and taking selfies with props added enormous fun to the event.

The entertainment aspect of the corporate event was impressive. A diverse range of music, dance and comedy acts were performed by both SynapseIndia employees and professional artists.

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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Games, awards & entertainment during SynapseIndia Foundation Day 2019

SynapseIndia Foundation Day 2019

SynapseIndia has a track record of redefining the nature and extent of a corporate event. Every year the company sets a new benchmark of celebration, fun, and entertainment. Foundation Day 2019 was no exception. The management of the company hosted an enormous event featuring almost everything related to fun and entertainment.

From outdoor games to award announcements and from tattoo-making to standup comedy, everything was available to the attendees. The event also had an award ceremony to recognize the top-performing employees of the company. Besides, the management made some important announcements about the company's plans and management strategies for the year. In all, the 19th Foundation Day became one of the most lavish events of SynapseIndia.

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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

SynapseIndia Foundation Day 2019 – a festival of fun, sports, & much more

SynapseIndia Foundation Day 2019

SynapseIndia completed another glorious year in the Indian IT industry, marking its 19th anniversary as an IT company. Every year, the company celebrates its day of inception – Foundation Day – with a grand corporate event. The 19th edition of the event was hosted in a spectacular 5-star hotel equipped with world-class luxury amenities.

The Foundation Day event was a diverse festival in terms of fun and enjoyment options available to SynapseIndia employees. Outdoor games are wildly popular among the employees and that popularity was well visible at the event. Games and activities such as basketball, lawn tennis, cricket, and wall climbing filled the air with energy and festivity. In addition to these, delicious food and impressive entertainment made the event more enjoyable.

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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

SynapseIndia Foundation Day 2019 – Excitement, team spirit & fun

The 19th Foundation Day of SynapseIndia added another feather to SynapseIndia's hat of grand corporate events. The annual event was hosted with much fanfare and grandiosity. A luxury hotel located in a beautiful area was chosen as the venue. Employees were amused as soon as they reach the venue and experienced its beauty and lavishness.

Celebrations started with a wide variety of outdoor and indoor games, team building activities and adventures. Employees enthusiastically played cricket, volleyball, tug of war and participated in several other fun activities. The evening was filled more colorful series of musical performances, dance, and award announcements. DJ music added profound energy and zeal to the party and everyone enjoyed the madness of the night.


Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Celebration of Holi 2019 at SynapseIndia – Colours, liveliness & more

SynapseIndia Holi Celebration 2019

SynapseIndia employees celebrated Holi 2019 with the spirit of a culturally aware corporate team. Celebrating every major Indian festival in the Noida offices has long been a tradition at the company. This tradition was enthusiastically maintained during the festival of colours and bliss – Holi.

The celebration mood was enhanced with a special dress code for the  festival. Employees dressed according to the mood of the day, which was filled with lots of colours and excitement. The entire office area looked magnificently festive with employees wearing colourful attire.

Everyone joyfully played Holi with colleagues and fully enjoyed the sense of happiness created by the festival. As almost everyone's face got smeared with Gulal (coloured powder), employees didn't miss the annual opportunity take literally colourful group photographs.

While reading this blog, you may wonder about other traditions associated with the festival of Holi, apart from playing with colours. Well, there are a variety of other traditions, and I'm not talking about the religious rituals here. A  number of traditional Indian foods are associated with celebrations of Holi.

First thing first! No other food is as closely associated with Holi as Gujiya. This is a traditional Indian sweet comprising fried dough filled with khoya, nuts, raisins and soaked in sugar syrup. Today, several variants of this traditional food are available in the market, such as chocolate Gujiyas and low-sugar Gujiyas.

Thandai is another dish traditionally prepared during with Holi. It's a milky mixture of nuts, aromatic spices that is loved by children and adults alike. Other Ind ian foods like Dahi Bhalla and Malpua are great options for making a feast amid Holi celebrations.

SynapseIndia Foundation Day celebration gives a boost to team spirit in employees

SynapseIndia's Foundation Day – the day of inception – has long remained the most awaited event among the employees of the IT outsourcing company. The special day is marked by a grand corporate event which gives every employee a shared environment to look back at the past year's efforts and hard work. It is this common interest and cause that makes the Foundation Day event so special among employees.

The 2019 edition of the corporate event featured every single element and tradition that have been long maintained by organizers. Every year the event becomes a carnival of fun, luxury, and entertainment. With a 5-star hotel being the venue, the employees felt a sense of utmost luxury as soon as they reached the hotel. The celebration kicked off with an array of outdoor games and fun activities. The evening program was diverse and entertaining with wide-ranging stage performances and announcements.

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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

SynapseIndia Foundation Day 2019– Fun, Entertainment, Food & More!

SynapseIndia employees fully enjoyed the festivity of Foundation Day 2019. Meanwhile, the management of the company made rigorous planning to host a splendid corporate event. The organizers wanted to ensure that their event management strategy results in a resounding success. Employees got immersed in the magic of the special day to spent some fantastic times with their colleagues. On looking back at the history of the event, you'll find that Foundation Day has always been a festival of fun, entertainment, and team spirit

 A heritage style 5-star hotel was selected as the venue of the grand event. The hotel offered all the modern amenities that made the event and the stay more luxurious. With food from a 5-star kitchen and spectacular lawns and interior, employees experienced had a fantastic experience.

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Friday, 8 March 2019

Why International Women's Day celebration is Important to SynapseIndia

Womens Day Celebrations at SynapseIndia

Respect to women, diversity, and gender equality are main pillars of the organizational culture at SynapseIndia. International Women's Day, therefore, bears immense significance for the overall culture of the company. Female employees comprise a significant chunk of the talent pool at SynapseIndia. In fact, women employees have established themselves as a major driving force for the company. Hence Women's Day celebration is not just a symbolic event for the SynapseIndia family, but the meaningful occasion.

Origin & History of Women's Day
International Women's Day, celebrated on March 8 every year, is widely considered as an occasion to mark women's rights across the world. The origin of Women's Day goes back to the early 20th century. It all begun when the Socialist Party of America organized a Women's Day on February 28, 1909. Following that event, the International Socialist Woman's Conference suggested that a Women's Day should be celebrated annually. March 8 became the globally recognized date to celebrate Women's Day after women got suffrage, or voting rights, in Soviet Russia in 1917. The day was officially recognized by the United Nations in 1975.

Significance of Women's Day in SynapseIndia's Culture
The recruitment and human resource management policies of SynapseIndia gives special emphasis on women talent. The company proudly maintains a good track record of retaining female employees. Besides, women hold key positions across management hierarchies and departments at SynapseIndia.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

SynapseIndia Foundation Day celebration 2019 – entertainment, food & fun

The 19th Foundation Day celebration has become one of the most memorable events among employees of SynapseIndia. The venue of the flamboyant corporate event created immense joy and enthusiasm. And employees became excited after reaching the spectacular 5-star hotel located in a scenic destination.

An array of cultural performances was one of the major attractions of the annual event. Attendees perfectly got a sense of the diversity and abundance of Indian culture while enjoying different performances. For example, the event featured dance performances and solo song performances. A range of other activities like outdoor and indoor games, fun activities created a team spirit. Announcements such as changes in management structure and winners various employee awards added great elements of surprise.

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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

SynapseIndia Foundation Day Celebration – fun, music & delicious food

SynapseIndia, an IT outsourcing company, has long maintained a tradition of celebrating its anniversary with a lavish event. The celebration of the 19th Foundation Day was absolutely in alignment with that tradition of fun, frolic, and amusement. The corporate event featured a galaxy of cultural activities, entertainment performances, DJ music, and much more.

The grand event was hosted at a 5-star hotel away from the hustle -bustle of the company's offices. Employees get a chance to share a ride with colleagues on a luxury bus while traveling to the venue. In fact, the road trip became a memorable part of the entire experience. After reaching the venue, SynapseIndia employees welcomed with traditional rituals – including welcome Tika. All employees were accommodated in lavish rooms at the venue. The glorious evening on the Foundation Day was thrilling with a series of entertaining performances.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

19th Foundation Day of SynapseIndia – grandiosity, enjoyment & unmatched hospitality

The Foundation Day 2019 is set to impress the SynapseIndia employees with its grandiosity and diversity. The corporate event will mark the 19th anniversary of the IT services company founded by Shamit Khemka. Every year, the management of the company organizes a magnificent event at a top-rated venue. This year, the venue is a stunning 5-star hotel that reflects the majestic history of India in its architecture. The venue is known for its royal ambiance and unrivaled hospitality.

SynapseIndia employees will be offered royal treatment with world-class amenities. The event will start with the traditional Indian welcome ritual after the employees reach the hotel. A range of entertainment activities and cultural programs create an environment of absolute fun and frolic.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

19th Foundation Day of SynapseIndia – Fun, Food, Fitness & Much More!

The 19th Foundation Day of SynapseIndia is going to be a carnival with great diversity. The extent of the corporate event will range from absolute fun to delectable foods and from energetic music to physical fitness. Organizers of the grand event are putting full efforts to make the event a memorable occasion. 
SynapseIndia employees will be entertained with a spectacular cultural program featuring Rajasthani folk dance, traditional music, and other performances. The event will feature a tattoo artist, an astrologer, and a selfie booth. The venue – a 5-star hotel – offers all the modern amenities, including a swimming pool, fitness center, and a spa.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

This 19th Foundation Day, witness fun and entertainment together

The joyful event of the year - 19th Foundation Day 2019 - will be organized for the employees of SynapseIndia on 16th February 2019. The management of SynapseIndia has been working tirelessly day and night to make this function unforgettable. To make it a huge success, the organizers have already planned everything and are working hard to align them properly. The event will be organized in the lap of a luxury hotel which is located in a picturesque destination.

Promising a fantastic time, the event is on everyone's "must-go" list. The history of the event has always brought fun and entertainment to all the SynapseIndia employees. The same is expected this year with so many new activities scheduled for the event.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

SynapseIndia Foundation Day 2019 – A combination of tradition & popular culture

The 19th Foundation Day of SynapseIndia is going to be an event for absolute fun and mind-blowing entertainment. The venue of the grand corporate is a heritage style 5-star hotel located in a scenic destination. SynapseIndia has a tradition of following Indian values and culture. Maintaining its tradition, the event will start with a welcome “teeka” at the hotel.

SynapseIndia employees will be welcomed with teeka and "aarti" as soon as they reach the hotel. In the evening, the stage will be set for a vast and diverse range of cultural performances. The entertainment programs on that special day will range from rock band performance to one-act plays, and from traditional dance to hip hop DJ music.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

19th Foundation Day of SynapseIndia – Entertainment, employee awards & lots of fun

The 19th Foundation Day of SynapseIndia is not just an entertainment carnival it's also going to be a platform for recognizing the meticulous efforts of employees. The company has a tradition of awarding top performers and outstanding employees during the annual function. The HR and management teams will announce a host of award and recognition for employees.

Last year, the company announced awards like “Best Group Head,” “Star Performer,” “Best Team,” etc. The award announcements will be flanked by an array of entertaining performances, fun activities, and lots of music. The company will celebrate its 19 years of success and growth at a top-notch venue. The venue is usually a 5-star hotel or resort with all luxury amenities available for employees. To stay updated about the detail and planning of the grand corporate event, follow this daily blog post.

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